Course Launch - September 22 on Canvas Network

We have been testing the Cada Día Spanish course design and activities and you have been a part of that test.  The actual course will launch on Sept. 22 and run for eight weeks on the Canvas Network.  

We are enrolling Facilitators (teachers) and students now for the launch on Sept. 22.  The program will involve online activities, and daily web meetings.  Students will present activities to native language facilitators, for feedback and support.  We will encourage participants to share activities on their social media sites, to help encourage social language learning engagement.

Please take a moment to register in the program, if you have not done so already.  There are several ways to connect:

Cada Dia Google Group is a test site -- the actual course is on the Canvas Network:

Join the free online course for more information.

Stay in touch through social media sites.  Look for #CadaDiaSpanish 


Cada Dia Spanish - Free Online Class

How do you learn to speak Spanish?  CDs?  Live Classes?  A tutor?  Try Cada Día.  Es diferente!
This is a unique approach to Spanish conversation, through daily practice.  We use Project-Based Learning  (PBL) to keep you focused on your language learning goal.  This is a highly interactive online community of learners... and teachers.  We know that teaching others is the way to learn, so we will ask you to share what you know in each live meeting.

Here are the
Cada Día
Estas son tus actividades

Review each of these activities and join this FREE course.  

Participants in web meetings are selected based on interest and commitment.